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  1. Planning problems in Torrevieja? Depends who you are
  2. Number of new homes in Spain keeps on rising
  3. Barcelona property prices still rising
  4. Spanish construction output falls 16% in June
  5. Biggest Spanish agents close half their offices in 6 months
  6. Bank guarantees for off-plan stage payments a new source of woe for buyers
  7. Spanish property market still shrinking
  8. Spanish mortgages now some of the most expensive in Europe
  9. EU takes Spain to court over ‘land grab’ laws
  10. Authorities move against owners of 20 illegal homes in Mijas
  11. Spanish property prices fall 1.52% over the summer
  12. Cantoria residents marching for their property rights, government starts to listen
  13. New mortgage lending falls 41% in July
  14. Spanish government tries to stop Dolores Golf development
  15. Over-development leads to growing expat disillusionment with Spain
  16. European Parliament orders another report on Spanish urban development practises
  17. Property prices on the Spanish coast decline by 8.3%
  18. Mayoress of Marbella gives order to demolish 2 illegal buildings
  19. Martinsa-Fadesa court administration turning into a fiasco for buyers
  20. Real estate swindle uncovered in Alicante
  21. Spanish construction activity falls 0.7% in July
  22. Orihuela’s construction-related tax revenues plunge
  23. Spanish land prices fall 7.8% over 12 months to end of Q2, transactions by 38%
  24. Barcelona property prices will fall 10% this year, and 20% in real terms over 2 years
  25. Spanish property sales fall 25% over 12 months, resales hit the hardest
  26. Planning approvals fall 55% in first half of 2008
  27. Polaris World struggling to repay debts says local news website in Murcia
  28. Court extends Martinsa-Fadesa creditor claims deadline to 25 October
  29. Spain to launch new house price index
  30. Valencian developer to pay buyers 3 million Euros in compensation for misleading mark
  31. Spanish property sales fall by 26% in July
  32. Financial smash-up drives Euribor to new highs
  33. Planning approvals fall 58% in first 7 months
  34. New Spanish house-price index gets off to dubious start
  35. EU investigates water resources of Spanish new developments
  36. Big plans for lakeside hotel and 2nd golf course at Desert Springs, Almeria
  37. New Spanish mortgage lending falls by half
  38. More Spanish urbanisation plans suspected of insufficient water resources
  39. CB Richard Ellis to auction properties at ‘2005 prices’ in response to slump
  40. Bulldozers start to demolish illegal homes in Tenerife
  41. New house prices will not fall any further say developers
  42. Spain will avoid recession in 2009 says The Economist
  43. Marbella to legalise another 200 properties
  44. Spanish property prices rise 0.4% over 12 months, but fall 1.3% in third quarter
  45. Two Catalan developers, Restaura and Strength, seek protection from creditors
  46. Alicante developers say market has turned the corner after selling 10% of stock
  47. Mallorca property market update from Engel & Völkers
  48. Spanish housing stock grew by 30% during the boom
  49. Falling property prices “no drama” says Spanish housing minister
  50. Spanish developers advised to drop prices 30% now, or sell for 50% less in 3 years
  51. Spanish construction sector output falls 8.4% in August
  52. Costa Blanca developers delivering homes without occupancy licences
  53. Mayor of Marbella will fight all home demolitions
  54. Ryanair to abandon base at Valencia airport
  55. Spanish property sales fall 37% in August
  56. Planning approvals fall by 59% but construction completions keep rising
  57. Marina D’Or trying to dump London Oxford Street showroom
  58. Mass property ownership a flawed policy?
  59. Spanish mortgage base rates fall for first time since May
  60. Housing overhang of 1 million properties to drag down Spanish property market for yea
  61. Spanish economy contracts for first time in 15 years
  62. Government mortgage bailout no joy for holiday home owners
  63. Cut-price Costa homes
  64. Costa del Sol property market to benefit as Ryanair opens new routes to Malaga
  65. Desert Springs sells first of its remarkable “Caprichosa” luxury villas for €2.5 mill
  66. Legalising homes in Almeria could mean a big financial hit for expat property owners
  67. Developer default rates now 14 times higher than a year ago
  68. Marbella’s proposed illegal building pardon breaks EU rules says Danish MEP
  69. Housing starts in Alicante fall to lowest level on record
  70. Falling Pound hits holiday lettings on the Costa Blanca
  71. Property consultants King Sturge to seek protection from its creditors
  72. Spanish Cabinet gives thumbs up to rapid evictions
  73. Urban planning corruption leads to six arrests in Murcia
  74. Estate agents in Torrevieja decimated by slump
  75. Spanish property prices will fall 25% by 2011 says Spanish bank BBVA
  76. Housing starts fall 83% in Barcelona Province
  77. Resale property transactions fall back to pre-boom lows
  78. Campoamor residents get organised to fight for better public services
  79. Ley de Costas causing “dramatic economic problems” for affected owners
  80. Glut of new Spanish homes will take market 2 years to digest
  81. Spanish banks turning into property companies
  82. In Good Faith or The Road to Hell is paved with good Intentions
  83. Official Spanish House Price Index falls 3% in third quarter
  84. Expat to march against property rights abuses in Almeria
  85. Barcelona property prices retreat to 2005
  86. City new build prices fall 6.6% in a year
  87. Falling Euribor mortgage rate unlikely to resuscitate Spanish housing market
  88. Euribor closes 2008 at 3.47% after biggest monthly fall in 7 years
  89. Why do the British want to move abroad?
  90. Developers concede that prices will continue falling after annus horribilis
  91. Spanish property market shrinks by 27.5% in October
  92. Almeria – Spain’s best kept secret
  93. British Visits To Lanzarote Up 6%
  94. Property sector suffers one third of all Spanish bankruptcies in 2008
  95. Town halls to get their hands on 8 billion Euros to fight crisis
  96. Expat home owners in Almeria march for property rights
  97. MEPs on “land grab” fact-finding mission to Spain
  98. Has the property market touched bottom in Andalucia?
  99. Spanish property prices on the Mediterranean coast fall 14.3% in a year
  100. Court orders developer of Santa Maria Green Hills to return stage payments
  101. Spanish property market shrinks 37% in November
  102. Official Spanish Property Price Index ends 2008 down 3.2%
  103. Spanish developer Aifos forced into bankruptcy proceedings by creditors
  104. Spanish construction activity falls 9.6% in November
  105. Brick makers of Bailen feel the pain
  106. Incredible Last Minute Golf Holiday Offer!
  107. Britons and Irish still hanker after property in Spain
  108. Don’t bury your head in the sand if you can’t pay the mortgage
  109. Spanish MEPs close ranks in response to EU criticism
  110. Spanish mortgage lenders offering alternatives to repossession
  111. Cases of property corruption scandals up 40% in 2008
  112. “Without demolitions, the rule of law is meaningless”
  113. Tourist bookings in the Balearics falls by most in 20 years
  114. Spanish developer Nozar forced into bankruptcy proceedings by creditor
  115. Residential rents drop 7% in 2008
  116. Management not to blame for collapse of Llanera says court
  117. Martinsa-Fadesa bankruptcy proceedings could last a year longer
  118. Chiclana town plan rejected by the courts
  119. Glut of more than 1 million new homes in Spain
  120. British builders of illegal properties say just doing things “the Spanish way”
  121. Government tones down notorious Ley de Costas, or Spanish Coastal Law
  122. Bankruptcy courts may rescind Martinsa-Fadesa refinancing deal
  123. Spanish Property Scandal Petition
  124. Spanish Bank Guarantees dishonoured!
  125. Planning approvals down 74% in Alicante
  126. Alanda Estates Marbella launches Property Rental service
  127. Mallorca property market update from Engel & Völkers
  128. Dolores Golf Development approved without sufficient water resources
  129. Big discount on new show flat at Desert Springs, Almeria
  130. Spanish Property Market Report 2008/2009
  131. Property prices forecast to fall 20% in 2009
  132. EU report slams Spain for trampling on property rights
  133. An update on property price reductions in Mallorca
  134. Spanish mainland and Canaries property market update from Engel & Völkers
  135. Banks turning into Spain’s biggest estate agents
  136. Spanish property market shrinks by 29% in 2008
  137. Landsbanki collapse creates misery for dozens of property owners in Marbella
  138. New property prices have fallen 20% since summer say developers
  139. Collapse in property sales will continue says finance minister Solbes
  140. Biggest developers in Spain start just 135 properties in last quarter of 2008
  141. Tourist rental clampdown in Barcelona’s Old Town
  142. Alicante’s developers accuse banks of unfair competition
  143. Santander freezes redemptions on its Banif real estate fund
  144. Property crash casualties: Valencia FC
  145. Aifos bankruptcy blog watch
  146. El Castillo Golf Resort in Jumilla, Murcia, buyer on the warpath
  147. Residential rents in Barcelona start to fall
  148. Costa Brava holiday lettings fall 60%
  149. Mortgage lenders keen to avoid repossessions
  150. 2009 Marbella Property Market Report
  151. Bankruptcy proceedings for Aifos hotels Guadalpín Banús and Guadalpín Marbella
  152. Planning approvals down 66pc, but rate of decline starts to slow
  153. President of bankrupt developer Martinsa-Fadesa paid 3.5 million Euros in 2008
  154. Almanzora Group launches new-look website for property in Almeria
  155. Spanish developers drop their prices to compete with banks
  156. Mallorca apartment with stunning sea views, asking price down
  157. Banks to reduce debt-for-property swaps with developers
  158. British bureaucrats buying homes in Spain give Costa Blanca market a lift
  159. Rental prices falling in Barcelona
  160. Distressed property bus tours for bargain hunters on the Costa del Sol
  161. Mallorca property market update from Engel & Völkers
  162. Potential tax windfall for holiday home landlords in Spain
  163. Spanish property market down 26pc in March
  164. Spanish authorities demolish celeb’s multi-million Euro home in Ibiza
  165. Marbella still a great place to invest
  166. ‘Courtyard Collection’ of colourful new beach cottages just a step away from Almeria’
  167. Spanish property prices fall 10pc over 12 months to April
  168. Government to stimulate market by eliminating mortgage relief for higher earners
  169. ‘Land Grab’ article in leading Spanish daily faces some home truths
  170. Big Spanish developers announce big losses
  171. Credit crunch still big problem for Spanish property market
  172. Banks offering preferential mortgage terms to shift repos
  173. Mortgage booby-trap when prices fall 20pc or more
  174. 25pc off new colonial-style villa at Desert Springs desert golf resort in Almeria
  175. Mortgage activity hints at possible recovery in housing market
  176. Labour MP with home in Alpujarras facing investigation
  177. Painful truths emerge at Spanish property industry get-togethers
  178. Glut of new homes on market breaks 1 million barrier
  179. Planning approvals down 64pc in first quarter
  180. Knight Frank Global House Price Index flatters Spain
  181. Only 20pc of newly-built properties find a buyer
  182. Clearing the runway for a Spanish property market take off
  183. Feast or famine for Spanish property market, now glut is biggest problem
  184. Euribor falls to new low of 1.644pc
  185. Cost Azahar has biggest ‘new property glut ratio’ in Spain
  186. Best selling author Chris Stewart talks about life and property in the Alpujarras
  187. Spanish property prices set to fall another 20pc says leading bank
  188. Repossessions, distressed sales? What do Spanish banks really have to offer?
  189. Polaris World talking to bank creditors, changing strategy
  190. Work begins on 30 million Euro house near Marbella
  191. Bank will start lending when property prices stop falling
  192. Summer holiday in your own bargain home in a picturesque Spanish fishing village
  193. Wonder how long this Mallorca penthouse will stay on the market?
  194. Tinsa’s Spanish property price index down 9.8pc in May, a slight improvement
  195. Property market shrinks 34pc in first quarter, just 484 holiday homes sold
  196. Spanish bank Banesto adds 1,000 more resale ‘bargains’ to online property shop
  197. Spanish first time buyers have to part with 86pc of income
  198. Foreigners buying holiday homes in Spain
  199. Saudi royal family makes progress with plans to build luxury development in Estepona
  200. Spanish property market contracts 48pc in April
  201. Mayor of Marbella reaffirms pledge not to demolish any illegal homes
  202. Spanish property now opportunity of a lifetime says Taylor Woodrow de España
  203. Barcelona “Low Cost” property exhibition a “great success”
  204. Amnesty plans for 40,000 illegal homes in Malaga province
  205. L-shaped recession for Spanish construction sector, bottom in 2010
  206. Construction sector output rises 3.2pc in April, giving sector a glimmer of hope
  207. Spanish land prices fall 4.8pc in a year
  208. Smugness turns to egg on face as bad debts explode
  209. Property bazaar offers discount holiday homes on the Spanish coast
  210. Vendors getting slammed by inflated property sales taxes
  211. Illegal beach huts demolished in Ibiza
  212. Spain - the land of the owner-occupier
  213. Superb contemporary property near Marbella reduced by 20pc
  214. New mortgage lending down 42pc
  215. New housing starts down by 68pc
  216. Barcelona rental prices fall 2pc in Q1
  217. Banderas and Griffiths to lose part of their property in Marbella
  218. Official Spanish property price index down 7.6pc
  219. Holiday rental prices down 10pc in coastal areas
  220. Holiday homes make up almost half Spain’s glut of new properties
  221. Euribor falls to 1.61pc in June
  222. Invitation to view property at Sotogrande, Europe’s leading residential & sporting es
  223. Bearish report on Spanish property from leading research firm
  224. Holiday rental prices down 10pc in coastal areas
  225. British still keen to buy property abroad finds new survey from Primelocation
  226. New coastal boundary creates problems for villa owners near Javea
  227. Ronaldo house hunting in Madrid
  228. Property prices in Madrid must fall 34pc to revive the market
  229. Property prices down 30pc, demand up 42pc, say chain of estate agents
  230. Sales down by 33pc in May
  231. Taylor Woodrow de España offers rock solid investments in Gibraltar
  232. Spanish property prices continue falling
  233. Hard up pensioner wins block of flats from developer as compensation
  234. Aifos seeks protection from its creditors
  235. Costa Brava urbanisation to be demolished after the summer
  236. Spanish economy still hooked on construction despite falling output
  237. Rental prices down 10pc
  238. Martinsa-Fadesa clients paying for nonexistent homes
  239. Mayor of Marbella challenges Seville to extend amnesty to all illegal homes
  240. The cement graveyard
  241. New regulations to sort out illegal building in Albox slammed by citizen’s group
  242. Public prosecutor wants Aifos owners behind bars for fraud
  243. Marbella approves new town-plan
  244. Barcelona rental prices fall more than 20pc
  245. Judge orders Trampolin Hills to return money to client
  246. Alanda Homes offering 150,000 Euros discount on award winning apartment
  247. Lastest Euribor and Spanish mortgage news
  248. Social housing more expensive than private property
  249. Spanish town halls too skint to pay the wages, local services to decline
  250. Spain’s biggest developers build nothing in 6 months